Draw Attention Test 1

Draw Attention Test 1
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The Plains Entry

Easily navigable wire fence, the plains was either private property or more likely a government ranching land lease. The homeowner on 44th street keeps a few horses, but for the most part the plains are free of livestock. Our encounters with any animals larger than varmint size were infrequent. Even deer weren't particularly prominent as you moved into the woods.

The woods

The valley and the woods were on rugged terrain, split by a dry creek valley that sharpened as you neared its head. From the horse stabling area, its another 80 yards deep into the vortex of the canyon, where it abruptly dead-ends into steep rock amid loose terrain. A box canyon. This is where our bleak fortress in the deep woods took shape.  As 11-year-olds, we knew that the end of the canyon would be staightforward to defend against enemies of any kind. I don't recall exactly who or what we expected to launch an assault on our position, only that we were quite proud of ourselves for both our military and survival tactics. A pity then, that we never had to defend a small shack constructed of salvage wood from elsewhere in the 44th Range.

The Place

Snow Giants

With That Thing.